CBN, PKD, CVD und HM Werkzeuge Schneidwerkzeuge und Sonderwerkzeuge
Nachschleifservice Tool Management


CVD (Chemical vapour deposition) is used at temperatures around 1,200 °C in a vacuum. Methane is added to the hydrogen, with the carbon being extracted and transformed into diamond.

The extremely high hardness of 83 GPa is above approx. 60% of the hardness of PCD (50GPa) and offers higher temperature resistance than PKD. Compared to PCD, CVD consists to 100% of diamond with direct crystal compounds and is therefore resistant against chemical wear. The quality of the workpiece surface as well as the service life considerably exceed those of PCD.

The focus for the applications is in the field of materials with a high abrasiveness. CVD diamond thick-film offers a high potential for dry cutting of aluminium alloys (with a high silicon content) and fibre-reinforced plastic with indexable inserts as well as for the machining of electrode graphite with end mill cutters.


CVD types


GD500 CVD diamond thin-film with a grain size of less than 1µ, in connection with a super cutting edge, will result in the best surface with a very long service life. The extreme hardness of 83 GPa is approx. 60% above he hardness of PCD (50GPa) and offers higher temperature resistance than PCD. Super-finishing to semi-finish of all non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous composite materials with very high portions of abrasive filler materials. Very long service life at GFK (80% glass) and CFK.

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